About Us
Hardskin is much more than a brand: it's a world, a way of being and thinking. It is performance, tecnology, study, design and quality!

Experience, passion and a hunger for victory and results can take you a long way. That’s why we at Hardskin have researched, tested and designed aerodynamic products to make your performance the optimal mix of comfort and efficiency. Science and performance in the Wind Tunnel; design and style by Jonny Mole. The daily challenge with our limits and ourselves is what leads us to achieve our goals.

Determination, awareness, humility, respect, tenacity and readiness are some of the characteristics of hardskinners. And Hardskin is aerodynamics, technical content, performance, attention to detail and technology.


Hardskin was born by combining two passions. A passion for everyday work in a company that produces chrome bars for hydraulic cylinders and a passion for endurance and triathlon.

Just as the main characteristic of chrome bars is to have a hard skin, to resist wear and tear and the elements, so sport requires physical and psychological resistance, which can be encapsulated in the word Hardskin. The scientific approach, the study of aerodynamics, technological innovation and attention to detail are the constants that govern our work every day and are our way of interpreting sport.

The desire to perform at our best and the obsession for constant improvement are what drives us to always seek the right compromise between comfort and performance.

We test and develop aerodynamic products and services designed by sportspeople for sportspeople and for those who make challenging themselves and their own limits a daily passion. We meet your needs with unique products, advanced technologies and materials that fit you like a second skin.

The Wind Tunnel

The Wind Tunnel is our second home, this is where our roots are. It’s where our team engineers think up the products and where they optimise your performance, studying and analysing your riding position so you can reach your goals. The result is what counts. Nothing happens by chance for Hardskin.

ASO H&P, the industrial company that owns the Hardskin brand, has embraced the Hardskin philosophy in order to cope in the best possible way with all the difficulties and challenges that life throws at us. Tenacity is our quality, those who don’t give up easily, but keep trying, until they reach their goal. We always look ahead, supported by meticulous scientific and technological research, driven by a hunger for victory. Because we want the best for hardskinners.


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