About us

Hardskin is much more than a brand: it's a world, a way of being and thinking. It is performance, tecnology, study, design and quality!
Hardskin is a world, a way of being and thinking. Hardskin was born by combining two passions. The passion for the day-to-day work in a company that produces chrome bars for hydraulic cylinders and the passion for endurance and triathlon. Just like the main feature of chrome bars is to have hard skin, to withstand wear and bad weather, so sport requires qualities of physical and psychological stamina that can be enclosed in the word Hardskin.
The Wind Tunnel is our second home, here our roots take root. It is the place where the engineers of our team think the products and where they optimize your performance, studying and analysing the position in the saddle, to allow you to achieve your goals. The result is what counts. Nothing is the result of chance for Hardskin.