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Cookies are small text strings that a website can send, during navigation, to the user’s device, e.g. smartphone, pc, tablet, notebook.

The website may obtain information from these cookies which are intended to guarantee the correct operation of the website and to improve its functionality, or for the purpose of tracking advertising, marketing, or publicity.

Cookies may be set directly from our site (first-party cookie) or by other websites (third-party cookie).

The first tranche cookies can be made known to the persons authorised to process them and the user is reminded that he/she can exercise all the rights provided for in the EU Regulation 2016/679. On this point, consult the privacy policy.

With reference to the third-party cookies, the user is reminded that they are not managed by our website and that we are not aware of the management method of the third party.

Our company can offer support to the user in order to give their own approval/disapproval and eliminate them from the browser.

The duration of the cookies is indicated in the following table.

The user who clicks on “Accept cookie” on our site expresses his own agreement to the relative use.

In addition, the user must give his consent, as indicated below, to the advertising tracking cookie.


How to give consent to the advertising tracking cookie

On the occasion of the first visit, the user may accept all cookies by carrying out one of the following actions: closing the banner by clicking on the X or on “OK” on the banner itself; accessing other areas of the site or clicking on any element of the page (image or link) outside the banner; browsing the page.

Continuing to navigate away from the present cookie policy and in the absence of a specific choice for the management of consensus, is equivalent to giving consent to the use of all cookies.

On the first visit, if the user does not perform any of the actions described in the banner, but accesses the extended publication from the banner, he/she may refuse the consent to the installation of cookies by clicking on the specific link in the following tables after the description of each of the cookies (called “Opt-Out”). On subsequent visits to the site (provided that the user has previously expressed his or her own preference regarding the use of cookies), accessing the extended publication through the “cookie policy” link in the footer and refusing approval of cookies by clicking on the specific link in the tables that follow at the end of the description of each of the cookies (called “Opt-Out”).


Technical/functional cookies


Our site uses technical/functional cookies, which are sent directly from our site. They are necessary for the correct functioning of the website, they allow the user to enjoy a better quality of navigation and to improve the quality of the site even when deactivation no longer allows the above-mentioned objectives to be achieved. Some cookies are eliminated immediately at the end of the session, while others remain active for a predefined period of time, as indicated below.


List of technical/functional cookies own                                        purpose                                                       duration     


Authentication cookie                                                     Authentication via, after login                                                        see note


Cookie consent                              Consent of the user to the installation of the advertising tracking cookie               see note


Cookie “user input”                                  to keep track of data provided by the user in the online modules                 see note



Note: The duration and expiration of cookies and other similar tracking tools may vary depending on the configuration of the Holder or of each of the third-party distributors. Some of them expire at the end of the user’s browsing session.

In addition to what has been specified in the description of each of the categories reported below, users can obtain more detailed and updated information on the duration, and on any relevant information – such as, for example, the presence of other tracking instruments – through the privacy policy of the respective third party distributors (thanks to links made available) or by contacting the Holder.


Analytical cookies


Our site uses analytical cookies that allow us to know the traffic, the visits, the use of the site for statistical purposes, and to optimize the services offered by the site. The information is anonymous as it is collected in aggregate form. Some are sent directly by our site, others by third parties.


List of analytical cookies           own/third party               purpose                       Informative privacy and consensus module    


Google Analytics                            Google Inc.               Tracking usage      Opt-Out:


Yandex Metrica                          YANDEX, LLC.    Statistics and heat mapping   Privacy Policy:



Advertising Tracking Cookies


Advertising tracking cookies have the purpose of profiling the user and have a marketing and advertising purpose, they can be sent by third parties.

The user must give his own consent to the use of these cookies.


List of cookie                                                                  own/third party                                    purpose                                            Informative privacy  and consensus module


Remarketing Google Ads                                               Google Inc.                                Remarketing and behavioral targeting              Opt-Out:


Remarketing con Google Analytics                            Google Inc.                        Remarketing and behavioural targetingconver        Opt-Out:


Monitoring conversions from Google Ads                Google Inc.                  Monitoring conversions from the network                Privacy Policy:


Monitoring Facebook Ads conversions              Facebook Ireland Ltd.             Monitoring network conversions                          Privacy Policy:


Google Analytics Advertising Reporting Functionality     Google Inc.          Analytics of User behaviour and interests and demographic data.        Privacy Policy:



I GIVE INSTALLATION CONSENT                                                          I DO NOT GIVE INSTALLATION CONSENT



Google Signals Google Inc. service that provides aggregated and anonymous information about the cross-sectional behaviour of Users

Privacy Policy:


Facebook Like It Button and Social Widget – Facebook Ireland Ltd. Interaction with the Facebook social network –

Privacy Policy:

Google Maps widget – Google Inc. – Allows Google Maps to be embedded within pages

Privacy Policy:

Facebook Authentication – Facebook Ireland Ltd. – Allows authentication to the site via Facebook user account –

Privacy Policy:


Consensus / decline consensus / disable use of cookies

You must indicate how you wish to proceed from a technical point of view:

You must insert the procedure :

– to give consensus to advertising tracking cookies

– addition of the possibility to opt-out, through Link, of third party cookies


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