Navier Jersey Woman

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Chest 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105
Waist 67-72 72-77 77-82 82-87 87-92
Hips 88-94 94-100 100-106 106-112 112-118
Aerofit Cut and fabrics are studied in every cm2 to minimize aerodynamic friction.
4 Way Stretch Stretchable fabric in all directions for maximum comfort.
2 Way Breathable Fabrics designed for maximum ventilation and heat dissipation.
Racefit Tight waist and longer sleeves for maximum performance without extra material. 
ultralight Use of ultralight materials: you won't even feel it.
Summer Clothing Breathable clothing for the best performance even in the hottest hours.

The Navier Jersey is colored pink, to be chosen by all the hardskinners who want to ride with pride and self-confidence.  Aerodynamic, light, inimitable: tested in the Wind Tunnel by HardSkin engineers, made real for racing and training.

Raw cut Aero Elastic inserts on sleeves (AE) Torso Speed Fabric (SF) Air Mesh (AM) side panels Aero Race cut 3 large rear pockets

A burst of color, a roar of energy, a thoughtful choice: the Navier Jersey Woman, made from breathable, comfortable fabrics, is the ideal ally for your wind-reducing bike rides. And it does so because of the choice of fabrics, cut, and fit.

Even this shirt, with its Aero Race AR cut, i.e. shorter in the front and longer in the back was in fact first thought out in every detail and in every component, then it was tested in the Wind Tunnel.

Speed Fabric, a type of heat-treated and silky fabric, designed precisely to optimize aerodynamic efficiency, was selected and used for the front and back. The lateral parts are instead composed of a breathable and lightweight fabric, Air Mesh, which maintains body temperature. The sleeves, which come just before the elbow, are seamless, cut to the edge and in aero fabric, to have them always in the right position while cycling.

There are three deep and spacious pockets on the back, so you can have everything you need for your rides. All with an unmistakable look because the pockets cover the inner back elastic band with a raw cut jersey finish.

What completes the Navier Jersey? The Stokes BIBSHORT, with the Vapor Woman pad that totally respects the female anatomy, and the Froude Aero Socks, the aerodynamic socks with an unmistakable look. Stokes BIBSHORT, con il fondello Vapor Woman, che rispetta totalmente l’anatomia femminile, e le Froude Aero Socks, le calze aerodinamiche dal look inconfondibile.

The cutting edge of technology and science are now available for female cyclists.

Speed Fabic (SF)

It mechanically influences the texture of the fabric making it more compact and smooth surface, similar to a silk effect. Higher speed for a material that leaves the moisture absorption capacity unaltered.

Air Mesh (AM)

The Air Mesh fabric is designed for the hottest race conditions and has an open mesh structure that removes moisture from the body, distributing it on a larger surface resulting in a higher cooling effect. The open construction also makes it very flexible and snug, improving the aerodynamics of the athlete and creating a second skin effect.

Washing&Care Wash at 30° and without bleach: do not use iron and do not dry clean! Look closely at the label of each garment. By following the washing instructions, make sure your Hardskin product works as smoothly and for as long as possible.
The understanding with jonny mole All Hardskin products are designed and developed for those who do sports and those who do sports and are the result of a mix of skills and experiences. On the one hand science and performance with fabrics, cuts, seams that are the result of research and studies of our engineers in the Wind Tunnel. On the other Jonny Mole, the design touch behind Hardskin. A winning project always brings with it an intuition. That’s why Hardskin has intuited an opportunity and translated it into an understanding: the one with Jonny Mole, for over 20 years has signed design and sports communication in Italy and around the world. Cittadella’s studio (PD) created the garments for the race and casual collection, doing justice to the brand’s contemporary spirit through a surprising balance of performance and fashion.


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