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Chest 87-93 93-100 100-106 106-112 112-118
Waist 75-81 81-88 88-94 94-100 100-106
Hips 88-94 94-101 101-108 108-115 115-122
Aerofit Cut and fabrics are studied in every cm2 to minimize aerodynamic friction.
4 Way Stretch Stretchable fabric in all directions for maximum comfort.
2 Way Breathable Fabrics designed for maximum ventilation and heat dissipation.
Racefit Race fit, narrow waist and elastic compression for maximum performance.
ultralight Use of ultralight materials: you won't even feel it.
Summer Clothing Breathable clothing for the best performance even in the hottest hours.

Hardskin’s engineers have studied and developed the Reynolds AEROSUIT Road Race (RR) Short Sleeves (SS) short sleeve body in the Wind Tunnel for both road and track racing, in group races or against time, offering you the ultimate in aerodynamics and comfort. For all those who, like us, love to give their best on the bike.

Developed for high-speed racing (Road Race) and long distances Aerodynamic fabrics and sculpted shape around the body in race position Aero Race Cut (AR) Aero Stripes sleeves inserts (AS) Torso Speed Fabric (SF) Double back pockets Elastic Gradual Compression (EGC) short Vapor pad (VP) Breathable and damping Seamless short sleeves (SS) Graphic Fragment and Tech by Jonny Mole Design

The body Reynolds AEROSUIT RR SS is the product of Hardskin for all those who want a performing garment as the body Strouhal Aerosuit TT LS but more versatile.

For the comfort you’re looking for without sacrificing speed, the Aero Race (AR) cut with the zip allows you to open the body completely, as if it were a jersey, and the two double pockets on the back allow you to always have with you what you need for bike rides, so you can also cover long distances.

The comfortable fabrics, the Speed Fabric – heat treated and silky – in the front and rear parts and the Aero Stripes in the sleeves, ensure the best aerodynamic performance.

The lower part of the body, the shorts, is made of Elastic Gradual Compression (EGC), fabric that offers maximum muscle support to the cyclist in race position. The latest generation Vapor pad outer back completes the garment giving it the right vibration absorption and maximum breathability. Pedal and be noticed.

Aero Stripes (AS)

The Fabric Aero Stripes is designed for the fastest race conditions. Wrinkled and able to create an effect similar to the dimples on the golf ball, it acts directly on the boundary layer and the air is able to remain attached to the surface much longer, creating a narrower trail downstream and thus reducing drag, that is the aerodynamic losses, clearly improving the aerodynamics of the athlete.

Speed Fabic (SF)

The Speed Fabic fabric is designed to perfect the aerodynamic properties of some yarns.
It mechanically influences the texture of the fabric making it more compact and smooth surface, similar to a silk effect. Higher speed for a material that leaves the moisture absorption capacity unaltered.

Vapor Pad (VP)

Vapor Pad VP is the technology that allows us to have shorts so highly performing.
We have chosen to differentiate ourselves and to subvert every rule, researching, studying, testing and giving life to a unique technology in the field. We specialize in performance study, millimeter fit, perfect adjustments and marginal gain. Vapor Pad VP technology is the result of this research method that has allowed us a product as light as steam, but with a unique damping effect in the industry.

Washing&Care Wash at 30° and without bleach: do not use iron and do not dry clean! Look closely at the label of each garment. By following the washing instructions, make sure your Hardskin product works as smoothly and for as long as possible.
The understanding with jonny mole All Hardskin products are designed and developed for those who do sports and those who do sports and are the result of a mix of skills and experiences. On the one hand science and performance with fabrics, cuts, seams that are the result of research and studies of our engineers in the Wind Tunnel. On the other Jonny Mole, the design touch behind Hardskin. A winning project always brings with it an intuition. That’s why Hardskin has intuited an opportunity and translated it into an understanding: the one with Jonny Mole, for over 20 years has signed design and sports communication in Italy and around the world. Cittadella’s studio (PD) created the garments for the race and casual collection, doing justice to the brand’s contemporary spirit through a surprising balance of performance and fashion.
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