Taurus Pack

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The backpack designed by the R&D department of Hardskin, comfortable, spacious, to have everything you need at your fingertips before, during and after the race! Taurus is the first backpack specially developed for Triathlon, designed from top to bottom to always have with you the necessary. The ten pockets also allow you to travel with everything you need, as the backpack respects the measurements of the hand luggage of the major airlines, or to have comfortable and within reach everything you need in the area of change between one discipline and the other of the race: every single detail has been designed to best respond to the hurry of these moments. The Net accessory also allows you to carry outside the backpack the wetsuit in the post -race or the jacket for the coldest seasons. Complete your Taurus with the accessories* Pocket Kit to configure it as you see fit: we have designed and developed it this way but it is very versatile. Customize it and make it yours!

Dimensions: 40x55x25cm Capacity: 35 Litres Made of hard rubber Hardskin Completely waterproof External magnetic closure "FastLock" Hard rubber shoulder straps with clip for accessories and handle Interior designed to quickly find what you are looking for Waterproof zip


  1. Side pocket for running shoes
  2. Side pocket for cycling shoes
  3. Front net pocket for the helmet
  4. External flap pocket quick access for bars, number marker and cream
  5. Front flap pocket for goggles and headphones
  6. Pocket inside pocket 5 for keys
  7. Back computer pocket, anti-skid position

2 clips on the shoulder straps for detachable accessories

4 hooks for NET accessory for wetsuit, not to wet the inside of the backpack or for the jacket, to keep it comfortable outside the backpack without occupying the internal space.



  1. “Hidden” deep pocket for wallet and documents
  2. External front pocket for phone
  3. Inner pocket for powerbank

Hole for cable output (if the phone is in the 9 pocket the cable remains hidden under the flap)

Two internal clips for detachable accessories

The understanding with jonny mole All Hardskin products are designed and developed for those who do sports and those who do sports and are the result of a mix of skills and experiences. On the one hand science and performance with fabrics, cuts, seams that are the result of research and studies of our engineers in the Wind Tunnel. On the other Jonny Mole, the design touch behind Hardskin. A winning project always brings with it an intuition. That’s why Hardskin has intuited an opportunity and translated it into an understanding: the one with Jonny Mole, for over 20 years has signed design and sports communication in Italy and around the world. Cittadella’s studio (PD) created the garments for the race and casual collection, doing justice to the brand’s contemporary spirit through a surprising balance of performance and fashion.


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