Xeno Jacket

€ 100
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Design and convenience, technology and prestige. Interconnected performance and comfort in a superior garment for lightness and breathability. The double flap on the pocket enhances the protection factor. It owes its name to the first noble gas whose compounds have been synthesized: xenon. Pure dynamism.

Torso with high elasticity and abrasion resistance fabric Anti-wrinkle and quick-drying fabric Breathable mesh back for maximum lightness with a backpack on your shoulders or on car or plane trips Breathable, totally green fabric made from 100% recycled fibers and sustainable processes Raw cut elastic Silicone cuffs for optimal fit Reversible zipper pocket to close the garment. Find out how to use the magnetic button Performance technologies that make a difference Garment with an elegant look, dry touch and ultra technical Q10 molecule in the yarns to increase elasticity and softness on the skin Made in Italy


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