Froude Aero Socks

Even the details speak about you. The Froude Aero Socks, available in seven variations combined with shirts and bodysuits, are the Hardskin socks, the right mix of comfort and aerodynamics for optimal performance. Tested in the Wind Tunnel, designed to achieve the best in cycling and running. The best combination for all Hardskin products.
  • Quality cycling socks that complete the Aerokit
  • Soft and breathable mesh for the foot
  • Aero Elastic (AE) insert
  • Fragments/Tech/Neutral Graphics by Jonny Mole Design


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Aero 100
Comfort 100
Lightness 100
Style 100
Aerofit Cut and fabrics are studied in every cm2 to minimize aerodynamic friction. 4 Way Stretch Stretchable fabric in all directions for maximum comfort. 2 Way Breathable Fabrics designed for maximum ventilation and heat dissipation. ultralight Use of ultralight materials: you won't even feel it. Summer Clothing Breathable clothing for the best performance even in the hottest hours.

The socks are much more than simple accessories. So important that Hardskin has studied and concretized his to offer you a performing and aerodynamic product.

The part that wraps the foot inside the shoe is soft mesh, breathable and comfortable, to expel the heat as quickly as possible. From the ankle up instead the tubular tissues Aero Elastic (AE) non-slip ensure a gradual compression and optimal muscle support. Both in the saddle and during the race will adhere perfectly to your foot without any hassle.

Main material
Polyester 52%
Secondary material
Elastane 48%
Washing&care Wash at 30° and without bleach: do not use iron and do not dry clean! Look closely at the label of each garment. By following the washing instructions, make sure your Hardskin product works as smoothly and for as long as possible.
Additional Information All Hardskin products are designed and developed for those who do sports and those who do sports and are the result of a mix of skills and experiences. Graphics, colors and style are curated by Jonny Mole, while fabrics and performance are the result of research and studies of our engineers in the Wind Tunnel. The attention to detail and the obsession with improvement are, every day, our job. And performance is everything to us.
Quality cycling socks that complete the Aerokit Soft and breathable mesh for the foot Aero Elastic (AE) insert