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Stealth Jacket LS Light

Stealth Jacket LS Light is a cycling jacket developed for mild winter rides or intense winter training, while retaining a RACE cut and fit. On the front of the garment the AirComb Light fabric has an internal honeycomb technology that provides thermal insulation by creating air bubbles, thus reducing the points of contact with the skin. The outermost part of the fabric has a water-repellent and anti-abrasion layer, while in the middle an anti-water and anti-wind membrane provides maximum protection. On the back of the garment, a super-breathable comfort fabric provides maximum comfort.
  • Long-sleeved cycling jacket
  • Ideal 5 to 15 degrees Celsius
  • Fit: Race fit
  • Lightweight Only 250 grams
  • Water-repellent and anti-abrasive material
  • Cuffs and waistband with internal non-slip silicone
  • Two-way zip
  • 3 deep back pockets


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Don't slow down with the arrival of the first cold weather. We know how difficult it is to choose what to wear when temperatures are uncertain, when there are significant differences in height, when there is a risk of rain, or when you have to face challenging descents. The Stealth Jacket LS Light is designed to keep you training at full speed in all conditions. Thanks to its windproof and waterproof membrane you have the right protection where you need it and super comfort thanks to the breathable back. Ideal for men and women, it will be the perfect ally for training and planning ahead for the next racing season!


AirComb light: is a technical fabric inspired by nature's technology. It takes its inspiration from bee hives and the Honey Comb honeycomb structure. It creates air bubbles, insulating and protecting you from the cold outside. It offers the perfect mix of insulation and breathability. Despite its lightness, it is able to regulate and stabilise body temperature in mixed weather conditions. It stands out for its outstanding water-repellent qualities. The fabric is abrasion-proof and therefore very durable, even in places with a lot of rubbing or after several washing cycles.

chest 81-87 87-93 93-100 100-106 106-112
waist 69-75 75-81 81-88 88-94 94-100
hips 82-88 88-94 94-101 101-108 108-115
Washing&care Wash at 30° and without bleach: do not use iron and do not dry clean! Look closely at the label of each garment. By following the washing instructions, make sure your Hardskin product works as smoothly and for as long as possible.
Additional Information All Hardskin products are designed and developed for those who do sports and those who do sports and are the result of a mix of skills and experiences. On the one hand science and performance with fabrics, cuts, seams that are the result of research and studies of our engineers in the Wind Tunnel. On the other Jonny Mole, the design touch behind Hardskin. A winning project always brings with it an intuition. That’s why Hardskin has intuited an opportunity and translated it into an understanding: the one with Jonny Mole, for over 20 years has signed design and sports communication in Italy and around the world. Cittadella’s studio (PD) created the garments for the race and casual collection, doing justice to the brand’s contemporary spirit through a surprising balance of performance and fashion.